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Join my 9-week Digital Program "IAM DIGITAL FASHION START-UP" and accelerate your fashion business right from the start!


An Innovation and Mentorship Fashion Business Program for early-stage fashion brands to fast-track to 7-figure business in 9 weeks. 

"We have a huge impact on the new generation of designers and transform the way they do fashion business today."
What We Offer
Benefits of The Program
IAMFASHION is a global program that helps shape your ideas, transform your actions into results and build a sustainable longterm fashion business. 

Global Approach

We offer a global approach incorporating everything from strategy and vision to day-to-day actions. From brand DNA to desired sales and a seven figure business.

Results Oriented 

We are the only online program with Live Community Support and a Dedicated Task Force to help you achieve real, clear-cut results from an action plan.

360° Transformation 

A full  360° business transformation to achieve sales, acquire prospects and turn them into repeat customers, build a longterm business with a clear purpose. 

IAM Digital Fashion Start-up 
9-week Digital Accelerator to become a 7-figure company from the start.
Learn and act through our proven step-by-step process: 
​Week one: 
Build Your Dream Brand.
We will help you understand your market and competition, assess your brand and its values and find your perfect audience.
Week two: 
Activate Your Brand DNA.
Validate your perfect audience and reposition your brand message clearly, so you are visible to your potential customers.
Week three : 
Give Your Business a Direction. 
We will build a step-by-step plan in order to achieve the results. ​We will plan the business, forecast sales and manage cash flow.
​Week four: 
Sell Better, Sell Smarter. 
Assess your offer, improve it to embrace the change and generate more sales. Be
smarter: produce just-on-time.   
Week five: 
Set-Up Your Zen-Machine.
​Build a business that works for you and not the other way around. Give yourself time to create, and the rest should be assured by processes.
Week six: 
Install Brand's Digital Galaxy.
Get everything working perfectly. Install your Social Media trackers and build a performant e-commerce web-site to scale quickly. 
​Week seven: 
Attract Sales For Free.
Recruit prospects and build your customer base organically. Collect feedback and use your proof-of-concept to grow quickly. 
Week eight: 
Go to the Moon with Paid Methods.
Use what works in order to scale sales exponentially. Master paid methods first and then teach your team in order to free yourself. 
Week nine: 
Become the Most Wanted Brand.
Become the best in what you do, boost your capacity to efficiently manage your business, create a vision and make it a reality.
Get The Support You Need 
Personalised Coaching: weekly group calls to question and verify your actions with us.
Benefit From Group Wisdom
A live community: 24/7 support from our active closed Facebook membership group.
Offer Yourself A Second Chance
Laser focus: learn how to direct your energy to achieve results.   
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During the strategy call, we will assess your needs and current challenges and if we can we will give advice and help on the call. 
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