What founders say:

Laura, Clap-Paris -  

"I've decided to work with you, because you offer global support, from digital strategy plan to day-to-day-actions. You have a commercial and clear-cut vision of the business. You're creative and offer precise proposals on every part of my business. Last but not least, you clearly understand the challenges and DNA of my brand." 

Harold, LightInDerm -

"I've found that you're very results-oriented, and an action taker. You've very quickly presented us with a clair action plan, in line with our objectives and timeline. 
Plus, you have a great consumer understanding and knowledge of digital tools on Beauty Market."

Stephanie, Perfumer-creator, Poulage Parfumeur  -

"Inga is a solution driven person, honest and reliable . She thinks in terms of efficiency about leveraging your actions for digital marketing. She has a passion for fashion and accessories. The two combined makes Inga ahead a solid protagonist in terms of web marketing in this area."
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The success stories 
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One week of e-mail automation for a client
Results of 4 days of organic sales for a client
Results of 6 days of organic sales for a client
Results of 2 months of organic sales for a client
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